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About digip

Are you looking for an extra set of hands to work alongside your marketing team?


Whether working on marketing strategy, design, copywriting or even a technical tagging audit, Digip is ready to roll up the sleeves and jump in to help get the job done. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-marketing-shop consulting service to help across strategy, planning, media, SEO, content production, printed material, branding and reporting. A flat hourly rate across all services helps simplify and ensure a coordinated and effortless client experience every time. 


Director / Principal Consultant - Mark Grier

I have been fortunate to spend the last 22 years emerged in the ever-changing world of digital marketing from both senior client & agency positions. Throughout this time, I have developed extensive acquisition & retention programs that work together as part of larger customer experiences. Fortunate to work side-by-side with many of the industry’s best, I am able to provide C-Suite confidence while working with specialist teams and agencies to deliver results.

As society continues to grow more dependent on connected devices, greater attention & investment needs to be spent on planning for the next generation of consumers. This change, requires businesses to focus on both the day-to-day priorities, at the same time as setting foundations for the future.

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